Does your studio have a Facebook or Instagram? If you answered YES, then you need this pack of 30 interactive posts for your students to engage with! This pack includes fill in the blank, this or that, gif posts, tag a dancer, etc. Each post features different colors and graphics! Save time with these done for you posts! Kids LOVE these and if you need help setting them up, I'm sure your teens would know how, or see below.

How to use:

*Save these PNG files to your phone

*Add your logo to them if you want, anywhere you'd like!

*Post the un-filled out file daily or weekly, tell you students to fill out and tag you on their post!

*Students/teachers can save the blank to their phones, upload to their stories and draw/add gifs/type on the picture to "fill it in" can post a sample so the kids see what to do!

*Repost your favorites to your studios instagram account - kids love these games and will think you are SUPER COOL for doing these, especially while in quarentine!

*If you are confused, ask a teen dancer - they know how this all works OR email us at


FILL IN - Type or draw your answer in! THIS OR THAT - Circle your favorite! POST A GIF - Find a gif that represents the topic and put it in the box! TAG A FRIEND - Type @ and thier name!



30 Social Story Files for Instagram/Facebook - All Styles