Behind the Scenes of DWC



Cari is a wife, mom to 3 boys, dance studio owner and teacher. Her education is in Ballet, Tap, Jazz, Modern, Lyrical, Hip Hop and African. She performed with the Milwaukee Bucks as an Energee Dancer.  She received her BFA in Contemporary Dance in Spring of 2014 and currently holds a Degree in Marketing.



Carrie is a wife, mom to one son (and baby on the way), two dogs, competition judge and teacher. She is well trained in many forms of dance and acrobatics. Carrie loves working on camera and has appeared in commercials, photo shoots and TV shows. She attended UW-Milwaukee and earned her BFA in Dance in 2012. 


THE Dance with Care

Dance Curriculum STORY...

The year is 1998. Carrie and Cari are on the competitive dance team at their studio, and although they've never talked...they know of each other (there is a slight age difference separating their destiny to be friends at this point). Carrie, a small rat, sees Cari dance beautifully in their production of the Nutcracker as Clara - but then lost touch of her when Cari switched studios (these were the pre-Facebook stalking years). 

Fast forward to 2009 and Carrie in her first week of freshman year in the dance program at UW-Milwaukee.The professor asks her to introduce herself and she mentions the studio she grew up at. All the while, she is unintentionally staring at a girl across the room thinking "Where do I know her from? The dance world is small...was she at a competition, or maybe a dance camp?" After class Carrie sees that mysterious girl walking towards her. She introduces herself as Cari, and says she remembers Carrie from their childhood studio! It clicks!

The ladies become fast friends and realize they have sons the same age, significant others who work together, and even the same pink square flip phone. Throughout the college years they bonded over toddler play dates at McDonalds and their dance classes. 

Carrie marries her high school sweetheart in 2013 and chooses Cari to be one of her bridesmaids. They stay close after graduation and Cari opens a Christian based dance studio, which she has Carrie guest teach at. They share so many things in common- including their faith. One day they get an amazing idea - to create a leveled dance program that goes beyond the steps. And thus was the creation of Dance With Care. They created the program at Cari's house - booming with kids crawling all over their laptops to the sounds of PJ Masks. Happy to be moms who "work from home", they put hours of their hearts, souls and the occasional apple slice into DWC.